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Reforestation In Oregon

At Out of the Woods we appreciate the magnitude of what our forests and trees provide to us. We are proud to be a part of the economy that utilizes lumber in manufacturing because it provides financial incentive to continue the use of Oregon land for forestation rather than it be turned into more developed land.

Oregon has laws set in place to ensure that after harvest landowners are required to replant seedlings within two years. Reforestation is a carefully planned process to guarantee the regrowth of healthy forests. Before harvest, foresters determine the best plan of action for each individual site. Some land may be replanted immediately and some land is left to use the existing trees as seed sources.

While most of us Oregonians are bunked up inside during the cold rainy season, forest crews are busy put to work for our trees. Seedlings take advantage of the cool wet climate that Oregon winters bring. Every new tree is planted by hand to see that it gets the care that it deserves. For the first six years of the tree's life it is left "free-to-grow" and is monitored to ensure it can grow without intrusion from grass and brush.

In one forest acre you'll find at least 100 to 200 trees, that's the minimum by law. But typically landowners plant about 400 seedlings per acre. Oregon landowners plant about 400 million seedlings per year.

Thanks to Oregon's sustainability practices we can create our products knowing that generations to come won't miss out on all that Oregon forests have to offer.

As our customer, you too are contributing to Oregon's economy and preservation of our forests. Thank you!


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