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Steve and Erika Gray founded Out of the Woods of Oregon in 1994 with a small wood shop and big plans. Steve changed career paths after working in forestation and species conservation for Oregon Fish and Wildlife and taught himself woodworking. After Steve and Erika married in 1991 she took on the role of all things business and Steve focused on production. 


Together they create all of our products. Erika designs each item with CAD/CAM software and then sends it to production where Steve uses our CNC Router to produce it, just one of many steps in the production of our products. Erika works hand in hand with our partners in China & Vietnam to create our ceramic accessories. All of the products that we sell are unique to our company; every one of our accessories is designed by us.


In 1993 and 1994 Steve and Erika had their daughters, Keira and Bria. They raised their children and business together taking turns working and parenting in order to keep their company (and children) alive. 


We take great pride in our company and the products that we create and we are thankful for all that the Oregon forests have to offer us. The products that we create are designed to bring your family and friends around the table and share in the enjoyment of your favorite foods. 

Established in Eugene, Out of the Woods of Oregon has

always remained true to our values of providing our customers with

items for the kitchen and home that are both beautiful and useful. 


Our wood items are hand-crafted from Red Alder a sustainable hardwood that flourishes along the lush coastal ways of the Pacific Northwest.  A fast-growing hardwood, Red Alder is re-planted as it is harvested ensuring healthy forests for generations to come.

In addition to using sustainable materials, we also strive for the wisest, best-use of those materials.  Many of our products were developed keeping the available materials in mind.  We are able to use the fall-down (scraps) from local furniture manufacturers to make many of our parts.

Instead of sending the narrow and short pieces of wood to the chipper - we make them into Spice Racks, Push-Pulls and Wine Butlers - to name a few.  And, we use our scraps and sawdust to heat our buildings.

We also offer an extensive line of cutting boards for basic kitchen use

as well as a wide assortment of specialty boards great for serving

dips, pates, cheeses, and oils.


From Oregon

Keeping Our Forests Green


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