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  • How often should I oil my Hardwood serving boards?
    It varies depenging on how often you use your board. The more often you use it, the more frequently you should oil it. We use our boards every day and so oil them 4 - 5 times a year. Your board will tell you when it needs oil. When it starts to look slightly dry, you should oil it.
  • How do I care for my cutting board?
    Make sure to wash in warm soapy water, and dry immediatey. For best results, lean the board against the counter wall until completely dry. Allowing the air to circulate will help protect the board from warping.
  • Do you sell replacement blades for your Bread & Bagel Slicer? Can I replace the blade myself?
    We do not sell replacement blades for our Bread & Bagel Slicer. We have specialized equipment that is used to attach the blade to the wooden handle. The wooden handle is bowed slightly and then the blade is attached ensuring a taut blade for the best slicing results. When the blade is removed, the handle will stretch out preventing you from reattaching the blade. If, at any time, you would like a new blade, just return your Bread Slicer to us with $8.00 and a return shipping address and we will: - Replace the Blade - Refurbish the Handle - Return it to you.
  • Is the Bread & Bagel Slicer easy to use?
    Yes! Just use a gentle back and forth sawing motion as you move gently through the bread. Very much like using a saw. You do not need to push down strongly because the blade is very sharp and serrated and so slices easily through the bread.
  • Are the ceramics and spreaders made in the USA?
    We do not make the ceramic accessories or the spreader knives. They are imported from China and Vietnam. We do make all of our wood products here in Eugene, Oregon. We use Red Alder a sustainable hardwood that flourishes along the lush coastal way fo the Pacific Northwest. Red Alder is a fast growing hardwood that is replanted as it is harvested ensuring healthy forests for generations to come.
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