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Alder Pate Boards
9" x 5.25"

These little boards are great for serving all of your favorite soft or hard cheeses,
pates and spreads.  The board is available plain or packaged with one of our many spreaders for the perfect gift.

Don't See the Board with the Spreader You Want?  Just Ask.  We have it!

with Ceramic Spreader
with Metal Spreader
with Poly Resin Spreader
with Wood Spreader

Calico Walnut Pate Boards
9" x 5.25"

Our Pate Board made from Calico Walnut. 
Calico Walnut is a hardwood that flourishes in the Pacific Northwest and is prized for its rich and varied colors and grains.  These boards are a rich, warm brownish-black and can have streaks of warm gold to reddish brown in them.  
No two boards are alike.


Walnut Pate & Metal Fish Spreader
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