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Bread & Oil Serving Boards & Accessories
A complete collection of hardwood boards and bowls for serving your favorite dipping oils and vinegars, spreads, soft cheeses and much more!The boards come with 1, 2 or 3 bowls depending on the style.  All of the bowls are interchangeable in the boards with like shapes. A huge selection of bowls available in sets or individually. 
Oil & Vinegar Cruets to match! 

#12411-5 2022.jpg
Double Bread & Oil Board - Grape Vine
Tasting Board - Lime Green
3 Dish Serving Board - Olive Green
Colorful Olives!!_•_•_#olives#cheeseboard#cheese#goatcheese#wine#oliveoil#vinegard#balsami
Cruet - Olive Wreath_edited.jpg
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