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Surf's Up!  This a a great board for serving all of your favorite post surfing appetizers and snacks.

Great for creating your own charcuterie and tasting flights.

Cutting Board Hack #1:  Always chop and slice on one side leaving the other size pristine for serving:)


Made from Solid Alder

Alder Surf Board

SKU: 112022
  • Size:  18" x 8" x 3/4" 

    Made from Solid Redwood Alder and hand oiled with our 100% Pure Food-Grade Mineral Oil.

  • Hand wash the board and spreader and dry immediately. Do not immerse the board in water or put in the dishwasher. Stand the board on end until completely dry to avoid warping. See our FAQ for more on caring for your hardwood boards.

    Treat often with our 100% Food-Grade Mineral Oil to maintain the beauty of the wood.

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