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SLICE IT RIGHT!  Board with Stainless Steel Pins for Slicing all Kinds of Breads Neatly & Evenly

2 Pins hold the end of the bread whole 2 pins guide any bread knife for neat and even slices.  The pins can be set to make many thicknesses - thin for sandwiches, or thicker for french toast or Texas toast.  Also, works great for slicing bagels in half or thinner for bagel chips.

Cuts all kind of Breads in a variety of thicknesses.  Will work with any long bread knife, but for the most precise slicing use it with our Bread & Bagel Slicer.

Board Dimensions: 13” x 11” x .75”
Can slice loaves and rounds up to 8.5" wide.

Put the pins in the board and use as a trivet.

Works BEST with our BREAD & BAGEL SLICERS both our Right Handed and Left Handed versions are available.  

 Bread Slicers are made from Red Alder and are available in Natural Alder, or with a Walnut, Mahogany or Cherry finish.  


Slice It Right Board is Made in the USA from Solid Red Alder.

Slice it Right Board - Solid Alder